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Too Busy Not to Plan: 5 Tips to Stop What You’re Doing and Start Planning

  • Posted on Nov 11, 2015

It’s that time again! It’s time to start planning for next year.   For some of you, you will be blowing the dust off a plan you have not looked at in twelve months or more or starting from scratch.  Hopefully, most of you are anxiously waiting for free time to compile those scattered notes into a single plan. 

Regardless of where you are in your planning process, you will need to use all, or at least a few of these strategies:

  1. Stop Thinking and Start Writing– No plan is real until it is on paper, so start by writing down your plans. Ideas come fast and at the most unusual times, like driving, bathing, during workouts, etc. so ‘jot’ them down as soon as they come.  If you are in transit, pull out your smart phone and dictate them to your note pad or record them.  How and where you get them written is not important just that you get them out of your head and into a format that you won’t forget them.Mission
  1. Clear Your Calendar– Planning requires focus and you can’t focus on planning with the day to day demands on your time. You will need to set aside a date and a time for you to either complete your own plan or hire a professional to help you develop your plan to keep your business prosperous.  I call these retreats, where I do nothing else but plan out strategies for a full day or a half day depending on my other projects. 


  1. Shift Your Mindset- As an entrepreneur you will always be busy and there will never be a free moment, so you will need to prioritize what gets done. Business leaders can’t afford not to plan, that’s if you want to keep your doors open.  You will need to shift your mindset toward what you have deemed more important that writing or rewriting your business plan or revenue generation strategy. 


  1. Hire a Professional- As a child, I remember my Dad attempting to fix home repairs like the leak in the kitchen sink. He was not a plumber by trade, so he would start the job and get the sink to stop leaking for a while, then another leak would start shortly after and he’d put a bucket under the sink until he could call a skilled plumber.  Sometimes, like my Dad, entrepreneurs try to ‘fix’ things that they have no skill or expertise in.  For some, trying to write or develop your own business plan needs to be contracted out to a skill professional who can guide you through a sound plan that will keep you on track for meeting your goals. 


  1. Take it in Parts-If you are not able to hire a professional break up the task into more manageable tasks. For example, you can write an outline and write one section at a time until it is complete.  You could also have someone in your office help you or use a team approach and give sections to team members.  If you are a solopreneur, put your teenagers to work during the holidays and let them take a crack at writing a section or two. 

Hopefully, these tips have motivated you to get writing so that you will have a clear direction of where you are and where you want to be by this time next year.

Destiny Development Business Solutions, provides business plan writing services.  If you want a skilled business management consultant to help you navigate through planning your year or mapping out a strategy to grow your business, call us today.  


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