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3 Tips to End Your 2015 with a Victory, It’s Not Over Yet

  • Posted on Dec 28, 2015
NFL History Colts vs Buccaneers

If you have your head down because you didn’t meet your revenue goal, you didn’t start your business, change careers or go back to school in 2015,  you still have four days left. Try these three tips. 

1. Focus All Your Effort on Your Top Priorities

Take a look at your strategies you wrote for this quarter  or this year and pick out the top three that will bring you the closest to your goal and could make the difference in your bottom line in the shortest amount of time.  After you have selected these three areas, put 100% effort on these activities and do nothing else.  For example, if you failed to finish writing that e-book or course you plan to sell, quick, stop what you are doing and finish it in the next 24-48 hours.  If you have no time, hire someone or get volunteer help.

2. Put Your Most Valuable Player in the Game

When it looks like you are losing, you must find your most valuable resources and put them to work.  In 2003, the Colts had a historic victory over the Buccaneers with a four minute final point score.  Examine your staff, outsourcing capacity and any other resources necessary to change the game over the next four days before 2015 ends.   Look at your players to make sure you have the right people on the right tasks.  Make adjustments based on skills not on seniority or obligation.  Put together a diversified team to get the job done.    If you are your only player or the most valuable player, go back to step one. 

NFL History Colts vs Buccaneers

Colts win over Buccaneers in a jaw-dropping 21 point 4th quarter win.

Click on the image to watch as the Colts make a historic victory over the Buccaneers in four minutes. 


 3. Re-adjust and Re-evaluate Your Original Plan

Sometimes you are behind on your goals because they were not realistic in the first place.  Test them against whether or not they are realistic by looking at where you succeeded and where you failed.  Ask did I have enough time, resources and knowledge to achieve this goal?  After you examine this questions make adjustments accordingly and stay focused.  You may need to call in a professional planner or business consultant to assist you in creating a realistic plan. 

If you know that you have veered too far off course to have a Colts victory, give us a call or email us to have a strategy session on how we can help you reach your business and or professional goals in 2016 and beyond. 

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